Terms and Conditions

The Yallabina Motor Yacht charter experience is designed to give you and your guests an exciting and memorable experience in a safe and comfortable room environment. We want your day to be relaxing and enjoyable and, most importantly, to be fun!

For us to fully meet and hopefully exceed your expectations, we need to agree some basic Terms and Conditions that will avoid any confusion or misunderstanding on the day.

This section might seem tedious but please take a little time to read these Terms and Conditions, when you book your Yallabina charter experience you will be asked to agree and comply with these before the charter day can begin.

Charter Rates

Yallabina Motor Yacht Charters are designed to meet your specific requirements and charter rates will vary depending on destinations, distances travelled, catering requirements, and coincidence with other major events.

The charter rate for the day will include all costs associated with the charter, including; fuel, skipper and crew, marina and mooring fees and on-board catering. A crew gratuity at the end of the charter is entirely at your discretion.

Additional costs such as lunch and drinks ashore, transport and taxis, entry in to areas of interest etc are all additional costs and will be at your expense.

Payment terms and cancellations

You will be asked to pay 20% of the agreed charter rate as a non-refundable deposit. This will secure your booking and enable us to start planning your charter. Full payment of the remaining balance will be required no later than 4 weeks before the charter date.

Your charter will not go ahead if the full charter fee has not been paid.

Cancellations made more than 4 weeks prior to the start date of your charter will result in a loss of deposit plus any other costs incurred on your behalf.

Cancellations made less than 4 weeks before the charter date will result in loss of 80% of the cost of your charter.

We will do our best to rebook your charter date with someone else and if we are successful your loss will be reduced to 20% of the charter rate plus any other costs incurred on your behalf.

If for some reason or circumstance that is beyond our control, we have to cancel your charter, we will offer you a full refund of your charter cost. We will also do our best to rearrange your charter experience for another time.

Mechanical failure

Yallabina is regularly maintained and serviced to high standards by professional marine engineers, mechanical breakdowns and failures are rare. In the event of a breakdown that we are unable to rectify safely we will refund the unexpired part of your charter day.

Date Changes

We recognise that there are occasional unforeseen circumstances that would require you to change the date of your charter. You can do this up to 7 days before the charter date and we will try to offer you an alternative date subject to availability within the same season.

Passengers and Crew

Yallabina is coded for commercial operations by the Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for Category 2. A condition of the coding is the maximum passenger limit of 10 people including children.  The coding also allows for 2 crew members.

Under no circumstances can we allow more than 10 passengers on board, please do not exceed this number

Legal responsibility of the Skipper

The skipper of Yallabina has a legal responsibility for the vessel, the passengers on board and the crew. This means it is the skipper’s responsibility to keep everyone safe and to manage the charter appropriately to avoid damage to Yallabina and other vessels. The skipper has a duty of care to crew, passengers, and other water users, and will be held to account if things go wrong.

The skipper is the ultimate authority on the boat and will need to make decisions or give instructions that ensure the safety of passengers, crew, other water users and the general public impacted by our charter operations.The skipper may need to make decisions on the day that change the charter itinerary, passage plan or ports-of-call; changes are rare but might be necessary because of weather or sea conditions.


Yallabina Motor Yachts provide a family friendly environment and children under the age of 18 are very welcome on board Yallabina.

Parents or responsible adults are responsible for supervising small children at all times; the crew cannot take responsibility for child minding.

The skipper may require small children to wear buoyancy aids or life jackets during the charter, these will be provided by the crew.

Animals and pets

Unfortunately, Yallabina is not a suitable environment to accommodate guide and assistance dogs. Embarking and disembarking alongside a pontoon can present challenges even to passengers that don’t require assistance. The layout of the cockpit does not include an area for dogs to be toileted. The first time on board may be alarming for a dog and cause distress, many dogs need to be slowly acclimatised before they are comfortable on board. We will try our best to accommodate a guide or assistance dog, please raise this request during the booking process. All other pets and animals are not allowed.

Alcohol on board

We will supply alcohol during your charter subject to fair use and sensible limits. It is illegal to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 so we operate a Challenge 25 policy which means that anyone under the age of 25 or appears to be under 25 will be asked to provide approved photo identification.

A day charter can be very relaxing, especially with a glass of wine or a cold beer. however, too much alcohol can be dangerous for you and everyone else on board. The skipper has the authority to limit the supply of alcohol if necessary and in extreme cases will terminate the charter and return Yallabina to a safe haven. If this should happen, there will be no refund.


Yallabina is a licensed premises and smoking is not permitted anywhere on board the boat. For the comfort of other passengers and crew vaping is also not permitted. If you or your guests need to smoke during the charter, please discuss this requirement during the booking process.


Yallabina is finished to a high standard with cherry wood cabinetry and leather furnishings. There are several complicated systems that are essential to smooth operation and navigation of the vessel, needless to say, boats can be very expensive! If any damage is incurred to the boat, fixtures, furnishings, and systems during the charter by a member of the charter group, you will be charged the full cost to repair or replace.

Medical conditions and restricted mobility.

During the charter booking process you will be asked if you or your guests have any medical conditions or disabilities that we should be made aware of.

This information will be treated in strict confidence and is requested to aid charter planning and preparation purposes. We want to provide an environment that is safe and inclusive and one that enables us to support anyone that needs assistance. Please be aware that it can take some time to divert the boat to a safe haven and emergency services may take longer to respond while at sea.

Yallabina has not been designed to accommodate people with restricted mobility and unfortunately there is no wheelchair access on to the boat or bathroom facilities. We will do everything we can to accommodate people with restricted mobility, ultimately the skipper will decide on a case by case basis.  Please raise any mobility issues as soon as possible during the charter booking process.

Information collection and retention

We will only collect the information we need to manage your charter booking and provide the best possible charter experience for you and your guests.

We do not retain any confidential or sensitive information after the charter day has completed. With your permission. we would like to retain your contact details for future communications. Your contact details will not be shared with anyone else and will be deleted from our records at your request.

We do not take photographs or video of our guests during the charter.